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Dave Ulrich HR Academy

The Dave Ulrich HR Academy is a comprehensive cohort-based virtual development journey for learning how HR creates value from the outside in and delivers business impact.

Dave Ulrich
Learn from the “Father of Modern HR”
—HR Magazine

In our rapidly changing business environment, how can you enable your HR leaders and business partners to better:

  • Adopt a truly outside-in, strategic view of HR that delivers business results.
  • Create opportunity from uncertainty.
  • Lead in the areas of talent, leadership, and organization.
  • Drive HR department capability and individual HR practitioner competence.

Join Dave Ulrich and other leading experts in an 8-week journey that will transform your own and your team's HR contribution.

Watch this to see what academy participants have to say about their experience.

  • Great content and loved the addition of the learning cohort. The group conversations enriched the material with real-life application and examples.
    Meredith Klausner
    Vice President Human Resources
    24 Hour Fitness
  • I honestly have been through many education experiences on my personal and professional life journey and this was the best! Seriously.
    Denise James
    Senior Director, Engagement, Talent, and Career Enrichment
    Trinity Health
  • This was a condensed way to get extremely valuable and the newest HR thought information without having to spend countless hours reading and researching various topics.
    La Shon Long
    Human Resources Director
    Mercy Care Atlanta
    • During the 8 weeks of the Dave Ulrich HR Academy, you will learn directly from Dave Ulrich, other experts, and your peers about what it means to build value for your organization and its stakeholders.
    • The academy is organized around three main content areas (1) HR from the Outside-In, (2) Outcomes of HR, (3) HR for HR.
    • You will complete 16 learning modules (two per week) at times that work for you
    • Modules include videos, reflections, cohort discussions, polls, and additional exercises.
    • In addition to the online materials, you will be given a participant guide with the relevant slides, models, and tools.
    • Each week you will come together with your cohort virtually for a 60-minute consultant-led session.
    • The consultant-led sessions provide a space for RBL consultants and academy participants to discuss applications specific to the participants' organization and situation.
“In HR, we are in a unique position to impact our current financial performance and, more importantly, create capabilities that will grow our future value. This requires a strategic approach to value creation and a deeper understanding of our stakeholders.”
Dave Ulrich
Co-Founder & Partner
The RBL Group

Learning together with team members can increase the impact of the HR academy through diving deep into the particular HR and business needs of your organization.

If you'd like to enroll a group either in a public session or an in-house private session, please fill in the form below. We'll contact you to answer any questions and explore ways to customize the academy experience to your needs.