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Increase strategic impact through HR transformation

Strategic HR is about creating value by building the talent, leadership, and organizational capabilities of a business to better align with stakeholder needs. When HR professionals develop the competencies to deliver value in each of these areas, they influence the business and enable better performance and results.

Transform your HR department and professionals into value-driving business partners who deliver greater value to employees, customers, and investors.

Untapped HR potential remains in most organizations.

While recent decades have brought significant change in the strategic contribution HR makes, many organizations continue to miss out on opportunities for HR to fully contribute to business success by using key levers to significantly impact business results and help shape strategy.

Earn that seat at the table. Every. Day.

In order for strategic HR to take root, HR leaders must think and act from the outside-in, starting with customer and investor needs. Their goals must be the goals of the business and they must have the vision, competencies, and skills to deliver what customers and investors expect from the organization. Strategic HR leaders work hand-in-hand with line leaders to identify and build the organizational capabilities the business needs to satisfy stakeholders. And they work to attract and develop the talent that creates those capabilities.

The RBL Group, through its Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) conducted in partnership with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, has identified the nine core competencies HR professionals need to achieve these goals, establish the right mindset, and become successful partners to the business. For almost 30 years, the HRCS has been the global standard for what knowledge and skills are necessary for successful HR professionals and their organizations. And we’ve built our HR development and consulting services around it. When your HR professionals increase their capabilities in these areas, they can successfully deliver tremendous value to the organization in the form of talent, leadership, and culture that aligns with key stakeholder needs.

Empower your HR leaders to drive your organization forward.

The success of your organization ultimately hinges on the quality, engagement, and alignment of your people. When you transform your HR department into a truly strategic business partner, you put your organization in position to tap the full power of your people.