HR Strategy Development

Align HR strategy with shareholder expectations to drive success.

HR strategy is at the core of the work RBL has been leading for the past several decades. It gives you a roadmap for leveraging human capital to move the business forward while empowering your HR team to prioritize existing HR work and resources to best support business needs. With the right HR strategy, your entire organization stays focused on the capabilities that ultimately drive value and results.

People problems can derail your business strategy.

No matter how phenomenal your products, technology, or processes may be, no business can achieve its goals and consistently meet stakeholder needs without the right people and the right set of capabilities to deliver on your organization’s core differentiators. Whether the problems lie in talent gaps, building the pipeline, or aligning people with your culture, addressing people issues is paramount to moving your business forward. Our clients often come to us with the following issues and concerns:

  • How do we focus our efforts in HR?
  • What are the most important people investments we should be making?
  • How can we draw a clear line from the business strategy to what we do in HR?
  • What’s our people or HR strategy?
  • As a new CHRO, how do I create a strategic agenda that supports the business?

Prioritize the investments in the people and capabilities you need for success.

The RBL Group can help your company connect HR strategy to business strategy so you can identify the necessary human and organizational capabilities needed to achieve key business objectives. The work begins with our signature outside-in approach, looking first at customer and shareholder expectations and perceptions to understand where you need to be positioned in the market and what specific business capabilities are required to excel in that position. We help you identify and prioritize any existing gaps in your strategic capabilities and then create a plan to close the gap through the right people, investments, and HR strategy.

From defining the appropriate development initiatives, to refining acquisition, retention, and reward strategies designed to attract and engage the right types of talent, to planning strategic org chart changes or talent moves, we help you plan for and utilize talent to your organization’s and stakeholders’ best advantage.

Realize your business objectives faster.

When HR strategy directly supports the business and, ultimately, your customer and investor needs, you can solidify your competitive advantage, consistently deliver on your promises, and expect to achieve greater levels of organizational success.

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