5 Tips for Engaging Virtual Learners

The demand for virtual development is accelerating.  Experienced RBL consultants share their top tips for making sure your virtual programs engage virtual learners, build capability, and impact the business.

Business leaders around the world know and value RBL’s traditional in-person development offerings. Many do not know that RBL’s world class IP has been delivered virtually for over 5 years. You can expect the same great content and thought leadership, but in the precise delivery method that fits your current needs. If you are interested in development, but feel limited due to geography, cost, or time; virtual development might be the solution you need.

RBL Consultants are experienced and prepared to ensure your learners get the targeted, deliberate development that meets desired outcomes your organization expects. Learn more about our Virtual Development offerings and contact us to get started. 

Darryl is the managing director of The RBL Group in Asia. He has more than 20 years of experience in business consulting, human resources and leading organizational change.

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Jade is a former Principal with The RBL Group, and has over 25 years in the strategic HR, talent management and leadership development fields.

Jessica Johnson is a Principal with The RBL Group. She has worked with organizations around the world as an executive coach, teacher, and facilitator and has published widely on the topics of leadership, HR, and talent management. 

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Martha Ruiz is a former Principal at The RBL Group. She has almost twenty years of experience managing HR, talent and leadership initiatives, including consulting and coaching, as well as facilitating training and strategy sessions in Latin America. 

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Nate is a Principal with The RBL Group. His work is focused on aligning the internal behaviors of leaders and employees with the expectations of key external stakeholders to create a powerful leadership brand for the organization.

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