What Makes an Effective Paradox Navigator?

By Dave Ulrich | April 30, 2019

Paradox Navigator is a competency domain new to the latest round of HRCS research.

Tensions are inherent in every organization: global vs. local, long-term vs. short-term, top-down vs. bottom-up, freedom vs. control. These sorts of contradictory choices come up all the time. Being an effective paradox navigator means recognizing that the answer isn’t either/or. It’s always both/and. Navigating paradox means developing the ability to live in duality and approach each decision with an appreciation for complexity.

In a world of change and volatility, it’s more important than ever for HR professionals to learn how to navigate paradox in their organizations. Paradox Navigator is one of nine competencies essential to effective HR. Learn more about the other competencies here. If you’re interested in evaluating how your HR professionals measure up in these areas, click here.

Dave has published over 30 books on leadership, organization, and human resources. These ideas have shaped how people and organizations deliver value to customers, investors, and communities. He has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune 200 and worked in over 80 countries.  He has received numerous public recognitions and lifetime awards for his work. 

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