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RBL Omnia

RBL Omnia combines five of RBL's exclusive, world-class product offerings: RBL Institute, Virtual Academies, OGS, Online Assessments, and a Research Repository to identify, measure, and monitor the highest impact human capability investments.

RBL's newest digital offering offers an all-access process for building leaders and organizations that create measurable impact for their business.
Watch as Norm Smallwood, the RBL Group co-founder, introduces Omnia


  • Business professional development platform designed around adult learning principles, including cohorts, guided learning sprints, and community building
  • Revolutionary process for identifying, measuring and monitoring highest impact human capability investments
  • Large library of human capability content that includes videos, white papers, articles, toolkits, monthly podcasts, etc.
  • Continuous addition of new, relevant content and programs
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