Measure what matters.

Measurements add value only when they help you answer questions and solve problems. Our 360, individual, and organization assessments are built on strong research into what matters to both internal and external stakeholders. The answers they provide will help you identify gaps, take action, and drive results for your business.

Blind spots are hard to detect.

When performance and results are lacking, it can be difficult for organizations, individual leaders, and HR professionals to pinpoint why. Leaders need the right data in order to identify and implement meaningful improvement efforts.

We help you turn assessment into sustainable change.

The RBL Group has designed assessments based on global benchmarks and decades of empirical research. Our assessment questions shed light on the capabilities that really matter to your stakeholders and, ultimately, your business results. Our team of trusted analysts knows exactly what to look for in the assessment results. And we can help you turn data into insights and action so you can establish effective individual and organizational improvement plans.

Assess key individuals or the entire organization.

We offer a suite of assessments for both individuals and organizations. Whether you’re looking to help individual leaders or HR professionals better understand their own strengths and areas of opportunity, or you want to develop your company’s leadership or strategic HR capability, our easy-to-use assessment tools are proven to help initiate and drive the improvements your organization most needs to succeed.

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