Leadership Assessments & Development

Leadership Code® 360 Assessment

The Leadership Code® 360 assessment is a multi-rater tool using a comprehensive and validated set of questions that measure performance on both behaviors and outcomes that support sustained personal and organizational performance. The five Leadership Code domains, supported by more than three decades of research, contain competencies found to characterize effective leaders.


Stratified 360 question sets leverage employee levels in the organization with global norms.


The online 360-degree process simplifies secure and confidential administration and ensures accuracy. The broad perspective gained by including multiple respondents brings accuracy and depth to the assessment process.


The individual Leadership Code® 360 report provides a simple and clear outline of the strengths and opportunities identified in the assessment so that leaders can become more effective in delivering results that matter. Along with individual scores and global benchmarks, reports include custom analyses, such as engagement of direct reports, potential pitfalls or derailers, and performance on top-ten critical leader behaviors.


The Leadership Code® draws on interviews with renowned leadership theorists, researchers, and consultants who together have written over 60 books and thousands of articles and have administered over two million leadership 360 assessments. This research found that all effective leaders share attributes reflected in five simple rules— or what we have come to call the Leadership Code®:


  • Strategist. Do I shape the future?
  •  Executor. Do I make things happen?
  • Talent Manager. Do I engage today’s talent?
  •  Human Capital Developer. Do I build the next generation of talent?
  • Personal Proficiency. Do I invest in myself?

Price per Participant: $250