HR Competency Study Research

HRCS 8 Overview Session

Each live, 2-hour virtual HRCS 8 Overview Session includes:

  • A facilitator-led* interactive overview of HRCS 8 findings
  • Training around the new HRCS competencies and strategic HR model
  • Breakdown of data implications and results
  • Q&A for your organization leaders

Research and content of the session is based on the recent global HR Competency Study where resulting data was subjected to a variety of statistical analyses to help answer the following questions:

  1. What competencies do HR professionals need to deliver results?
  2. What should be the characteristics of an effective HR department, and what individual HR competencies shape HR department effectiveness?
  3. What business capabilities should HR help create to deliver business results, and what individual HR competencies help embed business capabilities?

*Session facilitated by RBL Principal Consultants

Price per session: $3000