Case Study

Microlearning Leadership Development Program

The Problem

A global leader in digital infrastructure was growing significantly and winning in the marketplace. However, in order to keep up with the growth, the organization needed a solution to develop their supervisors and senior managers. Due to the highly operational and “always on” nature of their work, this target group was unable to take lengthy leadership training days out of their regular schedule for in-person development. They recognized that The RBL Group had the right content, tools, and experience that was relevant for their leaders, but they needed to think creatively about the delivery mechanism.

The Solution

We partnered with the client and Gnowbe—an app-based, mobile microlearning solution that offered the leadership training features the client desired. RBL and the client collaborated on which program topics and learning outcomes to deliver via Gnowbe.

Using a design thinking approach, we co-created the overall content framework with the client and then gathered feedback from various leaders across the organization to finalize the overall microlearning framework and leadership topics. As we began creating the digital sessions, we were able to quickly prototype and refine the digital interventions based on feedback from the project team, leaders and participants of the microlearning program.

We created two different leadership learning journeys—each lasting six months—with a total of 10 topics covered within that length of time. Participants were given choice in deciding which leadership development program they wanted to start with, and the speed at which to complete the training modules. 

The Outcome

The leadership learning and development journey was started by 162 participants, with a very high completion rate of 80%. Pre- vs post-program assessments showed that participants reported an increased level of comfort in applying the different leadership skills featured, and fostered more interaction between participants, their managers and staff.